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  1. Respect: This is perhaps the most important quality of good sportsmanship. Respecting your opponents, the rules of the game, and the officials is essential.

  2. Fairness: Playing fairly and not cheating is essential for good sportsmanship.

  3. Humility: Being humble in victory and gracious in defeat is a key aspect of good sportsmanship.

  4. Responsibility: Taking responsibility for your actions, both on and off the field, is an important aspect of good sportsmanship.

  5. Perseverance: Staying positive and continuing to try your best, even when things are not going your way, is a key aspect of good sportsmanship.

  6. Grace: Handling both success and failure with grace is an important quality of good sportsmanship.

  7. Empathy: Being able to understand and respect the perspectives and feelings of others is an important aspect of good sportsmanship.

  8. Teamwork: Working well with others and being a good team player is essential for good sportsmanship.

  9. Honesty: Being honest and having integrity is an important aspect of good sportsmanship.

  10. Gratitude: Showing gratitude towards your opponents, teammates, and coaches is an important quality of good sportsmanship.

Welcome to the high school BBQ family and your team! As members of the National High School BBQ Association and your school team, it is important to remember that while we are competing to win, sportsmanship is an equally important aspect of our team. In the same way that football players shake hands and congratulate their opponents after a game, we should always show respect and professionalism to our competitors, judges, and the BBQ community.

Here are a few guidelines to follow to ensure that you represent yourself and our team with the utmost sportsmanship:

  1. Remember that the judges and other teams are also passionate about BBQ. While we want to do our best to win, it is important to respect the decisions of the judges and to congratulate other teams on their successes. There is a formal grievance process and it should always go through your teacher and the NHSBBQA Executive team.

  2. Be gracious in both victory and defeat. It is important to be humble in your successes and to be gracious in defeat, just as football players shake hands after a game. This means no trash talking or belittling other teams. EVER!.

  3. Follow the rules of the competition. Just as football players must follow the rules of the game, it is important to familiarize yourself with the rules of the HSBBQ competition and to follow them to the letter.

  4. Practice good sportsmanship at all times. This includes being a good teammate and helping out your fellow competitors. It also includes being respectful of the judges and other teams, just as football players show respect to their opponents and officials.

By following these guidelines, you will not only be a strong competitor, but also a positive and respectful member of the  High School BBQ community. Good luck and have fun!

Code of Conduct / Sportsmanship Agreement


1. Always maintain a good relationship with opposing players and coaches.

2. Athletes, parents, and coaches are expected to treat game officials with the respect due them. Players/parents showing disrespect to officials may be dismissed from the program.

3. The use of profanity or derogatory/racist comments are inconsistent with the philosophy of athletics and will not be tolerated. o Sportsmanship is simply being honorable and courteous while striving to win. Being certain that opponents have an equal and fair opportunity and knowing when to forego an advantage.

o The rules of the game are to be regarded as mutual agreements, the spirit and letter of which will be observed by all honorable persons.

o Respect the decisions of the officials. They are vested with final authority by the rules of the game.

o Consider opponents as having honest intentions although you may not agree with their points of view or approve of their actions.

o Pursue a course of individual conduct and team action, which will seem honorable if known to ones’ opponents or the public.

o Whether you are a visitor or host, “Do unto the other fellow the way you would like him to do unto you – and do it first”.

o The spectator represents his/her school and community and should give suitable recognition to the skill and sportsmanship of players regardless of their team affiliation.

General Conduct

1) The conduct of an athlete is closely observed in many areas of everyday life. It is important that actions at all times be above reproach. Thus, some guidelines must be followed by all athletes in our program.

o Conduct in Competition: The athlete must be gracious in defeat, modest in victory and maintain complete control at all times.

o Conduct at School: The student/athlete should set examples for all students by following rules set forth by the administration and individual teachers. o Conduct in the Community: The athlete represents not only him/herself, but also the community, school, coaches and parents. Thus, it is expected that the athlete will dress and behave in an acceptable manner in a public setting.

2) The following acts are considered severe enough that they may cause an athlete to be dismissed from the athletic program. Each player/parent should be aware of the severity of punishment for these acts: o Immorality, profanity or obscenity, derogatory or racist comments.

o Stealing or cheating.

o Consistent violation of School Handbook or team rules.

o Possession, threat or use of a dangerous weapon.

o Assault and battery. o Destruction of school property.

o Possession or use of any illegal narcotic drug, alcohol or tobacco.

o Conduct which jeopardizes the safety of others. o Disrespect to coach, official, opponent or any person of authority.

o Habitual tardiness or absence. PARENT CODE OF CONDUCT:

o Be realistic about your child’s athletic ability. o Help your child set realistic goals.

o Be an encourager at home and in the stands by emphasizing “improved performance”, not winning.

o Don’t relive your own athletic past through your child. o Control your emotions at games and events.

o Respect your child’s coaches, communicate with them in a positive way and encourage others to do the same.

o Be a positive role model.

o Be responsible, sensible, and keep your priorities in order. Much more is at stake than a win or loss.

Student Code of Conduct

It is important that every cook and parents understand that we are all representing the High School BBQ League and our school. School rules that are in the student handbook will apply to High School BBQ Cook Offs as well. Participation on a High School BBQ team is a “privilege” and not a right and is not required, teachers, mentors, coaches and/or High School BBQ League officials may find it necessary to remove students from the event or their HSBBQ team and program.

Disciplinary sanctions include: ∙ Appropriate disciplinary action from the school, teacher, or High  School BBQ League ∙

Temporary suspension from sport or event  ∙ Contract for improvement with student cook and parent(s) ∙

Suspension from the sport for remainder of season ∙ Suspension from High School BBQ for the year will be held to a high standard of conduct and need to represent themselves and HSBBQL at such level in the classroom, in their home school, and the High School BBQ arena, and in the community. Our students will be reminded to “do the right thing” and should understand that they will have to accept responsibility for the choices they make. It is necessary to adhere to the responsibility of abstaining from drugs, tobacco and alcohol. By agreeing to compete in the High School BBQ Leauge you make a commitment to yourself, your team, and your school. The following guidelines serve as the example expectations for High School BBQ members:


√ Be respectful of other people

√ Be respectful of the event and to its rules and regulations


√ Be respectful of others’ property

√ Be respectful of your opponents

√ Be respectful of your environment

√ Be respectful of the judges, officials, and host school.

√ Be respectful of yourself

√ Be respectful of victory and defeat


√ Fulfill your obligations

√ Prepare yourself to do your best

√ Be dependable

√ Be punctual for practices and games

√ Be in control of yourself

√ Be self-disciplined

√ Be persistent

√ Be cooperative with your teammates


√ Be compassionate and have empathy

√ Help your teammates play better

√ Be forgiving

√ Support teammates in trouble

√ Be generous and kind

√ Be generous with praise; stingy with criticism

√ Avoid being selfish and mean

√ Cook for the team, not yourself


√ Be truthful and forthright

√ Cook by the spirit of the rules

√ Act with integrity

√ Be loyal to the team and your school

√ Be trustworthy

√ Cook drug, alcohol, tobacco, vape free

√ Be courageous to do the right thing

√ Admit to your own mistakes


√ Treat others as you wish to be treated

√ Be tolerant of others

√ Be fair to all players, including those who are different.

√ Be willing to share √ Give other team mates an opportunity

√ Avoid taking advantage of others

√ Cook to win within the rules GOOD CITIZENSHIP

√ Obey the laws and rules

√ Be respectful to law enforcement and those in positions of authority

√ Be a good role model

√ Be educated and stay informed

√ Strive for excellence

√ Contributed to the community

√ Give back to the sport

√ Protect others


√ Obey the laws and rules

√ Be respectful to law enforcement and those in positions of authority

√ Be a good role model

√ Be educated and stay informed

√ Strive for excellence

√ Contributed to the community

√ Give back to the sport

√ Protect others

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