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Welcome to the National High School BBQ Association! As a competitor, teacher, or judge, you play a crucial role in evaluating and providing feedback to our students and High School BBQ competitors, or as we like to call them High School BBQ Family. This will give you a brief understanding and guide you through the M.E.A.T. scoring system, which stands for M.E.A.T. - Mis En Place, Execution, Appearance, and Taste. These criteria will help you score each dish accurately and offer valuable feedback to as a competitor in our High School BBQ League.

M.E.A.T. Scoring System - THE BBQ REPORT CARD

The M.E.A.T. scoring system is designed to assess dishes in four key areas: Mis En Place, Execution, Appearance, and Taste. Each criterion contributes to the overall score, allowing for a balanced evaluation of each dish.

Mis En Place (M) (10% of your Final Score)

Description: Mis En Place refers to the organization and readiness of the competitor in preparing the dish.

  • Proper Organization: Evaluate whether the competitor has effectively organized their workspace, ingredients, and equipment.

  • Temperature and Equipment Control: Check if the competitor manages temperature and cooking equipment effectively.

  • Hygiene and Safety: Ensure that the competitor follows safe food handling practices.

Execution (E) (20% of Final Score)

Description: Execution assesses the competitor's cooking technique and control over the dish. Was it what it is suppose to be and could it be served in a restaurant or foodservice establishment.

  • Cooking Technique: Evaluate the competitor's mastery of cooking methods and their ability to control the cooking process.

  • Sauce and Dressing Application: Assess the competitor's ability to apply sauces and dressings appropriately.

  • Plating and Serving: Examine how well the dish is presented on the plate and whether it's served correctly.

Appearance (A) (15% of Final Score)

Description: Appearance focuses on the visual presentation of the dish, garnishes, and colors.

  • Plating: Assess the arrangement of the dish on the serving platter, including garnishes and sides.

  • Color and Texture: Evaluate the overall color and texture of the dish.

  • Visual Appeal: Judge the dish's overall visual appeal, considering presentation aesthetics.

Taste (T) (55% of Final Score)

Description: Taste is the most critical criterion, focusing on the flavor and overall gustatory experience of the dish.

  • Flavor Profile: Evaluate the dish's flavor profile, including seasoning and spices.

  • Balance of Flavors: Check the balance of sweet, savory, salty, and sour flavors in the dish.

  • Texture and Moisture: Assess the tenderness, moisture, and overall texture of the dish.

  • Aftertaste: Consider the lasting impression and overall satisfaction of the taste.


Each criterion is assigned a specific percentage of the total score, totaling 100 points. Mis En Place (M) is worth 10%, Execution (E) is worth 20%, Appearance (A) is worth 15%, and Taste (T) accounts for the remaining 55%. Judges should carefully evaluate each dish and assign scores accordingly. DO NOT SCORE THEM AGAINST EACH OTHER. Each dish should scored as a stand alone and based on its own merits and not compared to previous or other dishes.

Offering Feedback

When providing feedback to competitors, consider the following:

  • Be Constructive: Offer feedback that helps competitors improve their skills. Point out both strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Be Specific: Use specific examples and descriptions to support your feedback.

  • Be Objective: Base your feedback on the M.E.A.T. criteria and your personal observations.

  • Be Fair: Maintain fairness and consistency in scoring and feedback across all competitors.

  • Respect Diversity: Recognize that different cuisines and food styles may have unique characteristics.

  • Maintain Confidentiality: Ensure that scores and feedback are kept confidential to preserve the integrity of the competition.


As a HSBBQ competitor, instructor, mentor, and competition judge, your role is crucial in maintaining the quality and fairness of the competition. By following the M.E.A.T. scoring system and offering thoughtful feedback, you'll help competitors improve their culinary skills and enhance the overall experience for everyone involved. Enjoy the High School BBQ experience and the fantastic dishes you'll encounter in your role!  We are honored to have you. .............. COME EAT OUR HOMEWORK!

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