Give a student some BBQ and you feed them for a day; 

teach a student to  barbecue and you feed them and

others for a lifetime. JOIN TEAM BBQ!

Teach our kids how to cook and serve and we will change the WORLD!

Team BBQ is the service group of the National High School BBQ Association.  Students can earn a TEAM BBQ Patch and certificate for a certain amount of volunteer hours as part of their High School BBQ Club. Helping others is a true calling and learning to be compassionate, giving, empathetic, kind, and serving others is a valuable life skill for young people today. National organizations like Operation BBQ, Mercy Chefs, World Kitchen, the Red Cross,and Faith Based Disaster Relief organizations can always use more help and they love to mentor and lead the next generation of Servant Leaders in their communities. Seeing the impact these organizations make around the World is a testament to what live fire cooking and barbecue can do for the human soul many times at the greatest moments of need. Teach your student how to serve and inspire them to give back to your local campus, schools, and community. They can also share their new skills to Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or ministry. Many Career and Technical Student Organizations and High School Clubs have a service component and creates opportunities for collaboration and mutual support. Not to mention TEAM BBQ can be used to raise funds for local Non-Profits, campus groups, student clubs, and of course for FRIDAY night lights. Who doesn't like a Pulled Pork Sandwich or Grilled Buffalo Wings at a football game or hockey match.

Create a High School BBQ Club today and see the incredible impact it will have on your children, schools, and community.






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