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Put Your Education First –No pass no play

Get Your School On Board –Talk to your Principal 

Building Through Recruitment –invite your friends

Find a Teacher Advisor/Sponsor

Find A local Adult BBQ Mentor

Secure Sponsorships–Learn personal responsibility

Affiliate With Your State BBQ Association/ National

Give Back To Your Community –learn about TEAM BBQ

Practice, Practice, Practice –EAT, Repeat

Compete and win scholarships

Graduate and go to College to tailgate with your friends and favorite team!

Cook for mom and dad

Become an adult and feed your family

Compete some more as an adult

Retire and Judge BBQ


Engage students

Inspire a new group of students on campus to be on a team and showcase your school

Tie to Project Based Learning, CTE, curriculum, and National standards.

Utilize the Club for campus catering or fundraising needs

Explore careers in Foodservice, Meat Science, Barbecue, Welding, and Agriculture


Bring families and communities together around the BBQ grill or smoker

Keep kids in school

Create prepared young adults to feed themselves after High School

Highlight at Athletic or District events

Host a District BBQ Pit at transportation that can be checked out

Form community partnerships with the Agriculture, Meat, Welding and Fabrication, and Foodservice industries.

Support Workforce development and careers in the above fields

Use Project Baste (BBQ) Learning and engage adults to judge BBQ, support students, and help fund new programs

Buy a District BBQ pit or have Welding/Ag Mechanics Build it to be stored at your transportation/bus yard.

Use as an extension of Concessions for Campus Athletic events.

Develop a group of young people to serve your community in drastic time(s)–Natural Disaster, serve those in need, feed people, and support groups like Operation BBQ, Mercy Chefs, Disaster Relief, and local soup kitchens.

Host a High School BBQ Event or STATE CHAMPIONSHIP


Teach a group of students and even some teachers

Loan a BBQ rig, pit, and equipment to help a School start

Share your passion and inspire the next generation

Leverage your network to support your team

Be a Coach as part of the Competition Team

Be a Guest Speaker

Do an Educational Demo


Sponsor a local High School BBQ team by paying their Registration or Association fees.

Donate or buy equipment for Schools or Teams

Underwrite a BBQ practice and COME EAT THEIR HOMEWORK!

Cater an event using your local High School BBQ Club


Help market State or local High School BBQ Clubs

Financially support a School or Team

Support a local school

Sponsor a State Championship or National Championship





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