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Congratulations on bringing a High School BBQ Team to compete for a National Title and a full tuition scholarship to Sullivan University. Below is the Hotel information to book your hotel reservations at the Kalahari Resort as part of the room block for THE SLAB: National High School BBQ Championship. We look forward to getting the smoke rolling and hosting you in the heart of Central Texas Barbecue where some of the best barbecue restaurants and pit masters in America live. We hope you enjoy our Texas Hospitality, beautiful cities of Round Rock and Austin, Texas, and enjoy some great queso, Round Rock donuts, a Whataburger, and the largest indoor waterpark in North American which will be waiting for you after a long day of cooking. Safe travels, good luck the rest of the high school bbq season, and God Bless Barbecue!

Sunday - June 19 - ARRIVE - 12:00-6:00 Registration / 6:00 - 7:00 P.M. Cooks Meeting at the Kalahari Resort Barn

Monday - June 20 - THE SLAB - National High School BBQ Championship 

Tuesday - June 21 - 9:00-2:00 High School BBQ Conference and MEAT Symposium - MEAT the PIT MASTERS -

Pitmaster Chris Marks - Competition Pork 101  with Tappecue  ( Three Little Pigs / Tappecue )

Pitmaster Mark Lambert - Competition Ribs 101 on the Red Box Smoker (Sweet Swine of Mine)

Pitmaster Kathy Pullin - Grilling Games with Doug Hassell  (Hassell Cattle Co.)

Rancher Doug Hassell - What is Texas Waygu? Understanding the ranchers role in barbecue

Pitmaster Jeff Petkevicius - Service with Barbecue - United By BBQ

Grillmaster Karley Aleksines - Competition Steak 101 (Rocking A Grilling Supplies) 

Cookie Bobby Mimms - Competition Dutch Oven 101 the cowboy way

Austin Butler - Butlerwood,Inc. - The Art of Barbecue Wood - Wood 101

Teach the Teacher High School BBQ Bootcamp

Wednesday - June 22 -  9:00 a.m. Awards Ceremony /  Keynote Speaker





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